This was later fixed.
The, adventures are a series of challenges that were first introduced on kennesaw state papa johns promo code June 18, 2013.
When the player tries to go through the portal at the end of the Adventure or click the button to leave, it will say the den is locked and the player will remain in the adventure.
The Hive, cosmo is back with another adventure! Some new Adventures are in beta mode so there are still some bugs being worked out.This is a glitch on the host screen where the text is turned red after trying to say a blocked message.Normal Mode has easier maps that are typically shorter while Hard Mode maps are often larger and more complicated. This is where Jammers gather between adventures to chat and plan their next adventure.An adventure named " TBA " appeared on September 18, 2014 for an hour only and seemed to be the unfinished version of Bitter Sweets that was likely released by mistake.The common adventures are available year-round and can be accessed through the portals in the. Most adventures require four Jammers to play but others are just single player.After this, the player will be left with the hosting adventure chat bubble, but this cannot be interacted with and will most likely only appear on the host's screen.This no longer works because now the switch animals menu cannot be opened when inside an adventure.These animal gates have treasure chests inside that contain a clothing item. Scroll down further to learn more about.Adventures Beta, thirdlove promo code 2018 the, animal, jam, adventures Base Camp is a new area that was added to the game in June 2013.
Players could receive free random furniture items if they clicked the "Enable Cheat" info button in this adventure.

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When all of the player's Hearts are gone, they will fall asleep and wake up at the nearest revive point with all of their Hearts restored.Animal, jam, chomper Clam.This was fixed in a January 2016 update.The player will need more courage points when they're on a higher level and less when they're on a lower level.Training Grounds, the Training Grounds are the first area that Jammers should visit at the Base Camp. You can find the full walkthrough guide here. The phantoms have taken over their burrow and cut off their water supply.Action Courage Points Trapping/Destroying Phantom 5 Watering Plants 5 Plugging Phantom Pipes 5 Breaking Phantom Obstacle (Pod, Web, etc) 5 Destroying Phantom Sprouter 5 Lighting Fire Drum 5 Opening Chest 5 Unlocking Cage 10 Unlocking Phantom Door 15-25 Opening Animal Passage 25 Finishing Adventure.The player can choose only one of the chests to open, and this does not apply to The Forgotten Desert and the Seasonal Adventures.
You can find the full walkthrough guide here.