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81 82 Does covering Colbert's candidacy mean ventriloquist Jeff Dunham 's dummy gets covered too?
Which country's laws of citizenship should be used?
Russell T Davies, shocked at seeing a dot in his name on Wikipedia WWE No Mercy Three-way edit war (or "three way" edit war depending on interpretation) over whether the gifted students and depression phrase "Fatal Four Way/Fatal Four-Way" contains a hyphen.
At one point a few editors made an effort to eliminate the letter from the sections and the markup, leading to the removal of the Table of Contents, edit buttons, and reference tags.The English expansion brings together the release of the Japanese Sky-Splitting Charisma expansion and the Champion Road subset.Sega Genesis and Sega Mega Drive Is Sega's 16-bit console the Genesis or the Mega Drive?Dates Main page: Wikipedia:Lamest edit wars/Dates 2006 Atlantic hurricane season Should a tropical cyclone that formed on December 30, 2005 and lasted until January 6, 2006 ( Tropical Storm Zeta ) be placed in the 2006 Atlantic hurricane season article?User:cool CAT ON wheels!86 List of Virtual Console games (North America) Should Wii Points be included?
If she's more famous now, will she continue to be more famous in the future?

Yes, it's incongruous, amusing, and adds atmosphere!Rather amusingly, considering how much edit warring there was/is on the page, it's been awarded " Good Article " status!Aether Foundation and, ultra Beasts.147 User:Santa on Sleigh "Santa" (possibly a sockpuppet of an experienced editor) was blocked on Christmas day for attempting to spread cheer and goodwill to other users.How about 'Gender of Gods gotta remember those damn pagans.These guys are from England and who gives a shit!Collateral damage even reaches WP:Lame, where the Chopin entry is removed because of an alleged lack of lameness.PlayStation 4 Here's a penny for your thoughts: should our given retail price for this video game console, US399.99, be rounded to the nearest dollar and listed as 400, despite being technically incorrect and sources stating otherwise?
They gift ideas for 45 year old woman also claim that it should stay in the article because being Jewish (ethnicity) and practicing Judaism (religion) are two different things.
Beelzebub Edit war in December 2005 over whether the picture at the top should be on the left and face left, or be on the right chinese new year gift baskets usa and face left, or be on the left and face right, or be on the right and face right.