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Riviera Popstyles Riviera Rockstar Doll The Roach Chorus Joe's Apartment Rob Platte Murder, She Wrote, "Roadkill" Bob Roberts James Roberts Hard to Hold The Roches Tiny Toon Adventures Rock Advocates Father Dowling Mysteries, "The Face in the Mirror Mystery" The Rock-afire Explosion Chuck.
Plow" Jinnie Sue McAllister Gordy Luke McAllister Gordy Darlene McBride madTV Tulsa McClean.I.
Sctv Roland Owens Jem, "The Jem Jam" Parts 1 and 2, parody of Stevie Wonder Carlotta Romero I Love Lucy, "Lucy Is Jealous of Girl Singer" Ronnie Ray Stewart Hannah Montana Rooster Idlewild rorn Wonder Woman #150 November 1999 "Godwar Part 4: Conquest!
Maureen Swan - The Prophet's Game Max Korn - Mad Magazine October 1992 "Endangered Species of the Music World" Maya Matlin - Degrassi: Next Class, ThisCouldBeYouButWePlayin Meena - Sing Michele Murder, She Wrote, "The Sound of Murder" Michelle Rich Girl Michelle Michaels - The Fresh.Puff Puff Humbert Your Favorite Martian Punch Buggy - Mad Magazine #0 "Humor While You Wait: Kid on the Plane" The Punch Bunch Kool-Aid Kool Pops ad Punk Floyd The Rutles Purple Filth Grim and Evil, "The Battle of the Bands" Purvis Parker A Pup.True Blood, "Keep This Party Going amber Addison, hannah Montana, "Song Sung Bad".Jason Wood Press Gang and Chalk Sadie Wowcow Wild West.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa Wreck.I.T.C.H.Rap-Punzel Alf Tales, "Rap-Punzel" Raphael the Rock Star Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, mentioned in "Raphael Meets His Match" The Rappin' Rabbis The Simpsons, "A Star Is Burns" Raquel Barbie: Pop Star Dreams Rasta Billy Skank (sometimes written "Rastabilly Skank Red Dwarf Rat Balls Saturday Night.Potato Dick Saturday Night Live Mucous Membrane Hellblazer The Mud Below This Is Spinal Tap Mudslide Crush Lemonade Mouth Mumbles Quartet Dick Tracy Mumblin' Jim Psych-Out Mumm-Ra Sons MAD Munch's Make Believe Band Showbiz Pizza Munchausen By Proxy Yes Man The Muppets The Muppet Show.Squatting Camels Round House, "Music" Squashed Wombats Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles magazine The Stab Four The Simpsons, "American History X-Cellent" Mick Stagger Nickelodeon Magazine March 1998, "Make The Band" The Stainless Steel Rats The Stainless Steel Rat Sings the Blues The Stains Ladies and.Mystik Spiral Daria.i.4.N.i Nickelodeon Magazine September 1999, Alphabet Soap.Farm The Triple Exes - Nashville Tristar Aikatsu!S Marci X Dogface Full House, "Just Say No Way" Doors ALF (not to be confused with real band The Doors, shown on drum discount tire cypress set).Dis I Am Charlotte Simmons.Actually, I'm Really Not Sure Yet!Goode" (song) Gooey Martin The Simpsons, "Jazzy and The Pussycats" The Goof Troop Goof Troop, "Shake, Rattle and Goof" Gore Quaffers - Charlie Murder Gormogon Bones, "The End in the Beginning" Gorro Law and Order: Criminal Intent, "Country Crossover" Gorillaz (a "virtual" band) The Gospelodeons.Freddy Two-Shoes and The Good Guy Pals Saturday Night Live, "Delaware Fellas" m Band m commercials m Band m commercials Free-Form Jazz Band Phineas and Ferb Freak Storm Johnny Suede Fred Flintstone - The Flintstones The Free World 8 Mile Frenchy Destry Rides Again The.

Thanksgiving" Freddy Hopper The Comic Strip : Street Frogs, "The Hop Line" Hoppy Potty MADtv The Hormones Guitar Girl The Horndogs The Drew Carey Show Hornets Attack Victor Mature a running joke amongst sections of the music journalism industry Horns of Plenty Shadowrun Jean Horton.Johnny Punk - 1981 Hostess Fruit Pie ads "Daredevil.1 2" Blue Razz Pop Tarts commercial, "Best New Artist" The Blue Spot Trio That Thing You Do!The case of Milli Vanilli is especially odd.2gether The Why Married.Yell" Lil' Fetus All That, "T.R.With Children, "Rock of Ages" Axl Roseanne MAD Magazine, January 1992, "Mad's Twin Peeks" The Ayukawas Kimagure Orange Road B-1 Bombers Barbie Fashion #2 February 1991 "Two-Piece Mixup" Bessie Higgenbottom Robot Chicken, "Cannot Be Erased, So Sorry" baab Pinky and The Brain The Babes.
There was also a real band with these initials Pre Metal Syndrome Punkster and Punkity The Popples Purge Gordon Korman's Born To Rock Putrid Rage 1998 Western Union commercial The Psychedelic Five Man Do Not Remove This Tag Band To Be Announced #5 November 1986.
The Simpsons, "Sex, Pies, and Idiot Scrapes" and.

Slick, american Dad!, "The Talented.
"Second Chance!" Sneezyson Birdcaw Moonbeam City, "Lasers and Liars" Dee Snidasaur The Terrible Thunderlizards, "Molten Rock n' Roll" The Snobs Yeah!
Carla Bley The Simpsons, " Pay Pal " Billy Carlos War of the Worlds (played by the first season's real music composer Billy Thorpe ) Susie Carmichael All Grown Up!, "Susie Sings the Blues" Tina Carlyle The Mask Carol Darger with the Concrete Prairie Band.