The audio guide is like a concise marlins ticket coupon code version of the important parts of each decade (there is a lot of text on the tables).
Is There A Camp Nou Tour Promotional Code?
I took about two hours each time, but was reading everything the first time and then went and took lots of photos and had a beer second time round.Id go with option one, then three and dont bother with the canteen style place unless you must play video games forever (be respectful of others wanting a turn).Thankfully people book tickets online, so the queue for tickets was short.View from block 145, row 21, seat 11 What Is The Best Time Of The Day For The Camp Nou Experience?During the tour, one of the descriptions mentioned how immigrants to Barcelona latched onto supporting Barcelona FC as a way to associate themselves with the city.Itd be bad form to take a drone though, getting in the way of photos/narrow takeoff area.El Clasico, the matches against Madrid, are some of the most watched games in the world.Also, nice branding by Nike and Qatar, Ill always associate them with Barcelona with their large logos on the stadium seats.Agosto, septiembre, octubre, noviembre Diciembre.30 h.30 h 10 h.30 h 10 h.30 h Cerrado Avisos : los días de partido ( ) los horarios y recorrido se verán afectados.The media giftmate drawstring gift bags uk room and changing rooms are cool to see, but you only need to take a quick photo out of obligation.The first thing I noticed when entering (besides the crowd) was the trophies.Relative to the ticket price the 5 is not much extra for adult.

Catalonia was to be recognised as a separate identity to Spain and a creating a referendum to push through the cause.There is a big interactive screen where you can play around with different sections and highlights from the club.Barcelona helped unite society during these three periods of intense migration.Vista panorámica del Estadio: abierta hasta las 17:30h.Wow, the place was chaotic.During the 1950s, club membership numbers doubled from 26,000 to over 52,000 members.The amount of information, great audio tours, ability to move at your own speed, reasonable food, and dining options, and the interactive spots make it a solid.5 out.This is my first stadium tour rating, so I have nothing to gauge that against.A glimpse into the amount of people you can expect at the stadium.In 1977 former club President Montal eden crest vacation rentals promo code pledged support of re-establishing the Catalan government.
I asked the staff and they said the average is about 90 minutes.
Ultimately, if FC Barcelona wins, the whole of Barcelona wins.