There are 6 different activities on the table and you can set it to English or Spanish.
Just look how next level cool it is!
(I like that he can play with it with the lights and music on or off too).Not because of Bee, but because its one of Hubbys favorite toys right now, too!It already comes with a rubber protective case (yellow, pink or blue), which is absolutely necessary for a toddler.I first saw these on shark tank and was super impressed by the creator, who came up with the idea through his work with young kids who had been removed from dangerous home environments.Every kid loves these things!Despite a small footprint, this kitchen still has all the amenities a kid could want and both maker faire discount my kids enjoy regularly playing at it simultaneously.There are some of our favorites and I hope you found the list helpful!It wasnt until about a month ago that she really started to like.The ideal time to buy this toy is around 18 months so your child gets the maximum amount of years out.These top toys for 18-month-olds are nice options for the loveable, huggable, on-the-move little boy in your life.Thanks for your feedback!But it is now one of his favorites, allowing him l ots of opportunities to stack, push buttons, learn about cause and effect and even get a very basic introduction to mechanics.A spaghetti dinner started things off on a delicious foot and Hailey felt special to get to sit at the big coral gifts uk table next to Grandma Betty.
Fisher Price Little People Princess figurines.
Baby Banana Bendable Training Toothbrush.43.70 for the 2 pack (6 -18 months) These unimposing little bananas may seem a little plain Jane at first glance, but they are truly the best teething toy out there ( 2,000 positive reviews on Amazon back.

Similar to the Learn Groove table, this also can be played with first on the floor and then grows with baby.This particular slide highly rated for durability and usability for kiddos young and old also serves double duty outside as an excellent safe place for toddlers to play while their big siblings scale taller play equipment.3 Bees Me Magnet Boat This looks like a good bath toy!She'll love seeing how it can take corners and feeling the difference between running it over a carpet and across a bare floor.Best Tech: VTech Brilliant Baby the cash gifting expert Laptop.And I plan to continue keeping this experience from her until Christmas when she finds a bottle of bubble bath in her stocking.It seems all young kids love dropping things into slots and taking them out again, so that part was a guaranteed hit, but my littles also took to the songs and prompts encouraging counting along, comparing big and small and (new to this model) discovering.This is definitely an educational toy and seems to be a really good value for the money.