They wrap them and we read a story and they pass them around on cue.
My gift to my students is our Christmas party.
Then they each have at least one book to read during the break, and they are all reading the same book, so we can discuss it when we return from break.
They are able to take what they like.We always have extra books for students who forget or cannot purchase a book.They are 1/4 yard or 9 inches per student.It doesnt matter whether you have 5 or 205 students.The students are amazed how I got their names on them.We also have a pizza party and play the Wright Family, trading new books valued under.00.Otherwise, gather up some rocks and try creating this tic-tac-toe game project.Bonus points of free assignment passes (shared fearless co uk voucher code by Ann).Use glitter puff paints to write their names.Some teachers tell us they buy books in bulk, getting a great deal so they can give all their students the same book. I have 84 kids this year.It is super easy because you dont need to sew them and fleece does not fray. Then you make Wordle collage with the words and print it out in color for each student.

One yard of fabric makes about four scarves.Facebook page asking what teachers were getting their students this year, and some great ideas were mentioned!This would work with any dice game.Advice from Real Teachers, giving gifts is one of the joys of December, but if you have a large class and a small budget, it can be challenging to give gifts to all of your students.Teaching Resources Facebook page, but todays question was my own.Knowing that their teacher sees them for who they are can make all the difference for some kids.
This year weve been playing a lot of card games to learn new math skills and my second graders love it!
Question Connection Advice from Real Teachers Do you have an idea for a free or inexpensive gift for students?