1-2 new prizes get swapped in nearly every daykeep a close eye on the line-up!
Just reinitialize the positions as much as you want!Download and install the APK.TOM members now have exclusive access to free gameplay!A crane game featuring free shipping!Alternatively tap on it from the download completed notification in the status bar.You can operate the crane by simply tapping on two buttons!Available Language, english, Japanese - Version iOS.0 or later - Network, lTE/Wi-Fi recommended - URL, toreba 2D Official website: t/.Toreba 2D in a nutshell - 1) Simple two-buttons gameplay!Our machines have a constant grip strength that tests your skills and are set up to always be possible to win.You can play a real crane game online and get official Japanese plushies and figures!Boost your claw power!
3) No waiting lines, no input lag!
Our machines follow Japanese rules, where you get to move the claw to the right exactly once by holding down the button, and then you get to move the claw back exactly once by holding down the button.

You can directly play any machine you want!Crane game made simple for everyone to enjoy!This offer is not available for regions in South America and Africa.Prizes won through Toreba are shipped right to your address.Free shipping is available once per week * To celebrate the release, 50 Blue Play Tickets are distributed to every users!US aracdes sometimes have variable ethical market discount code grip strength, making winning impossible at times.Only users that have installed Toreba for the first time are eligible for playing the first 5 times for free.Heres how it works.Make use of various power-up items to help you win!Plush toys, cute figures, etc.