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From a conservative Catholic family, Tennant called her newborn Christopher Anthony after the patron saint of travellers.
Michael gave the memoir his imprimatur and will be in the audience when Tennant speaks at the Sydney Writers' Festival Thursday.
This book sensitively brings to life the heartache, humour and love thats involved in living with dementia.
Adelaide praised the book as a "standout memoir, told with clear-eyed detroit free press marathon discount code grace and nicely controlled passion".The pair are now Facebook friends and "good mates says Tennant, and a lot closer than aunty and nephew.Good Reading, iSBN:, iSBN-10:, audience: General, format: Paperback.Language: English, number Of Pages: 256, published: 24th April 2017, publisher: Finch Publishing.Michael is a medical superintendent in Townsville.But when her 13-year-old daughter Chloe stops eating and is diagnosed with anorexia, she is confronted with the mother of all enemies, one that is completely adult secret santa gifts unfathomable and seemingly incurable.Mother and son share much more; the same nose and an interest in science and medicine.Anne and her family throw everything they have at helping Chloe face the 'demon' they name 'Cold Vein'.But these similarities were not enough to fasten their relationship.Mary Tennant was almost finished school when she fell pregnant.Her hormone levels are those of a post-menopausal woman.It lays bare the powerlessness of a family in the face of a chronic disease.But nothing has worked.Marie writes about her husband living with a chronic disease, and the love and struggle she and the family felt during its progression.The paperback (isbn ) is available Monday 27 May.99.Very sad, but a happy ending, thanks to the understanding and diligence of the whole family involved in this terrible illness.

Green Vanilla Tea by Marie Williams (Finch Publishing, ) is available from good bookshops and online retailers nationwide.Anorexia is a difficult thing to get people to understand.Aged 18 she gave her son up for adoption.Michael's change-of-heart gave her memoir a final hopeful chapter, and she has been overwhelmed by the heartfelt response of friends and colleagues who never guessed.We have tried everything the medical system has to offer - psychologists, psychiatrists, family therapists, dieticians, drugs.She had followed "the whole forced adoption story" and felt these stories sad.
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Twenty nine years later on a beach in Hervey Bay she told her son, now named Michael: "When I saw you in your cot, through the window, you opened a pair of dark eyes as if to say hello.
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Michael was now married and a father of three girls.