for the win book

Were you not listening?
How had I gotten into this mess?
My sweet Sid was very pissed to have used such vulgar language.
My body came alive with panic and fear, adrenaline coursing through my veins and nausea twisting my gut.She'd never go find some random dude in a costume and fuck his brains out.She was watching the goddamn thing again.But one time I got a closer look at the girl dressed up in what looked like my elf costume-the one you borrowed." Her voice was shrill like she was excited or panicked.I had no idea she'd resort to nonsense phrases.There are memes, gifs.Because, ya know, ComicCon would totally be the place for that." I blew out a breath and leaned back against the wall.For the wonderful not-so-little men in my life.With tears prickling my eyes, I vowed I was never going to have another drop.I figured I'd better let it out now.Jennifer Alden probably hadn't had two thoughts together in the same day about me from that point.I was going to vomit.I am working on a subtitle."I can sleep five more minutes." "No, you can't.
Show notes: From my post, Create Space for My Upcoming Book : My book journey will be covered in a new online journal (weblog).

Ever I intoned to myself as I sat on my bed and pulled on my clothes.Boston Tea Party on December 16, 1773.I'd gotten next to no sleep over the weekend, and with all the overstimulation, drinking and debauchery, I was flat as a pancake this morning, exhausted.I will go through the, aPE (Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur) book and the.I'd been at ComicCon because of my job, and he'd been some Dragon Epoch-loving nerd that I'd picked up because that's what nice, boring, docile little April would never.I was like.Now please tell me you have some ideas about how to get that thing off the Internet." "How on earth would I do that?" I froze, my hand on my smartest business skirt and matching crop coverworld discount coupon australia sweater.And how could you not know who he was?" "He was dressed up as that bounty hunter guy from the game-" "Falco." "Yeah-whatever.John Cox is the man!Sid snorted from where she sat behind her computer.You went to the bar, got wasted and picked up Falco the Bounty Hunter?" "Not.

Like ripping off a bandage-get the pain out all at once.