Watch Ya' Mouth Game 17.99, sHOP NOW, this award-winning party game asks players to sound out silly phases while wearing plastic cheek retractors.
Prices Vary Fred Muffin Tops Denim-Style Baking Cups Muffin tops are nothing to be ashamed of in fact, they should be celebrated in all their curvaceous glory!
Tissue money, similarly, the recipient will get a pleasant surprise when she reaches for that first tissue.The double layer fabric and san francisco opera gift shop two-port design make this super comfy lounger virtually leak-proof, meaning hours of relaxation in the sun, on dry land or water.You can get one pre made here.Prices Vary Vosges Haut Chocolat Mos Bacon Bar Oh my!So, lets have a peek!This is very helpful because you wouldnt want to wash your face with the same soap you just washed your butt with.9.99 Happy Man Bottle Stopper Nobody is happier than this guy, and its because he spends a lot of time corking up a bottle of wine and keeping things fresh.Give this as a white elephant gift and drink in all the appreciation.This is a Hollywood addition, so the puzzle is all about movies and celebrities.Cold hard cash, hilarious.This might make for a scary shower time, but it will be a gift appreciated by those who enjoy movies like Jaws, or who simply like to tune in during Shark Week on Discovery Channel.
Will the recipient love it?
Start someones day off the right way with a mug that acts like a human does not functioning until weve had our coffee!

Sugar Cloth is making us all smile with these DIY fruit doozies.8.42 Canned Unicorn Meat This poor unicorn has been turned into a can of Spam, and simply reading the label will cause many people to have a reaction.Sundae Kit Similar to the cupcake decorating below, Family Bites made this snazzy sundae kit that will too be a hit of the white elephant swap.Rather than a turkey timer with a little red button that pops up, this one actually resembles a cooked bird so its very apropos.Its does ulta have gift cards the worlds first hip flask with a collapsible shot glass cleveland cavaliers win finals built in!Glitter Capsules For those that love a bit of glitter in their life, make these sparkly pills for someone to enjoy and get a kick out.
Painted Towels, check out these fun and silly painted towels from.
This gift will only appeal to smokers, and further, the subcategory of smokers that want their cigarettes to come out of a donkey butt.

Irreverent fun for the foul mouthed, this card game challenges each player to come up with the funniest response to the black card prompt may the best card win.
A creepy fun desk item any time of year.