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Elephant design jewelry makes for a fun and unique gift.Better yet, make a donation to the elephant rescue charity in Tennesee.For a twist on the bone theme but with a non-endangered animal, check out this artisan cow bone jewelry and range of bull and water buffalo horn jewelry!My suggestion is for a 14-year wedding anniversary gift: A small, beautiful Ganesha figurine.Alternatively, this would also be the perfect box in which to enclose a love note or poem.Appropriate for either a man or a woman, and you don't have to be Hindu to appreciate the beauty and significance of a lovely Ganesha.We do not have an account on record for the email address you entered.Then it came.By this time in a marriage, we are so busy and often feel pulled in every direction.We feel this adds a really nice extra special touch to the ivory theme, particularly if you wish to give gold jewelry in a classic design.
The silver metallic frame for a 25th anniversary and the gold colored lettering in the popular musical frame for a 50th anniversary correspond to the traditional gifts for those years.

Along the theme of ivory, any kind of elephant-themed gift would also be perfect!That created a bit of a dilemma for me, for two reasons:.For flowers, you could give preserved ivory colored roses, real roses coated in gold, or fresh white flowers from a florist.Enjoy the ease of shopping for your custom presents with.For years I've heard about artisans using fossil mammoth ivory to make all sorts of items.Gold is the alternate modern material for the 14th anniversary, so that pretty much opens up the possibility for a wide range of jewelry designs.The modern ivory trade is illegal.
That would leave only the possibility of purchasing antique ivory.