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I used a cotton sock on the wound the first time to protect it and the sock stuck to the wound.
" By: Pat Pierce Australian Shepherd.
I pull out the EMT gel and apply it to the paw (after cleaning it up) and the bleeding stops.For months we could not get it to heal.Review ID: 1366 Reviewed: " Helps clot blood in open cuts quickly.Anyone that hunts shouldn't leave home tipuri de prize de curent with out their EMT Gel.I'm sure the product works great if put on an area other than the paws.Review ID: 1311 Reviewed: " The product was a bit runny, which I didn't like, and seemed like it would come off when she walked on the carpet.I never want to use it, but works great every time that I have to use it!" By: Bill Stoune From IL A must have in your training bag." By: John Bina Yellow Lab.My mastiff wears a prosthetic leg and I used the product to help heal some sores on her shortened leg as she became use to wearing her prosthetic, it really worked well.I highly recommend carrying a tube with you hunting.I keep a tube in each car's first aid kit and a couple of extra at home.Just a great, great, great product.I love the EMT spray.I would definitely recommend that anyone who has active dogs have this product in their first aid kit.
The EMT gel is great for superficial wounds.

Review ID: 4407 Reviewed: Featured Review " Worked well on our lab's hot spots.Keep one on the truck at all times.Helps clot blood in open cuts quickly.This stuff is great as long as the bleeding isn't to profuse.We carry this with us at all times as injuries in the field can happen when you least expect them.I love EMT Gel.
" By: Don Harridge From TX Brittaney, Bassett,and Cross.
" By: Harvey Hazen From WA Labs and Irish Red and White Setters.

I liked that once it sets up it provides a protective coating on a old injury that the hair did not grow back on the rear paw, otherwise it would leave the area raw due to the cover in the field.
Review ID: 27017 Reviewed: Customer Review #29050 By: Paul Consol From NJ Haven't used it yet and hope I never have to use.