Parents of schoolchildren do not qualify (when buying for themselves but you can pick up a discounted Mac for your child from the education store.
Apple Student Discount and the overall educational discount Apple offers.The discounts are only currently available for Mac computers (iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac mini) and iPads - there are no special discounts for other Apple products.Apple's UK Education Store or, apple's US Education Store.Its just like buying anything else on Apples website, except its cheaper.In the US, you won't require any sort of login or texas gift deed template ID to order from the Education Store, but Apple can request to see evidence of your student status at any point during or after the purchase and will charge you an additional fee.I'm not sure how many people already know this, but I was surprised to find out that when you buy a discounted Mac from the online Apple Store, they don't ask for any proof penguin patch gifts of enrollment or employment at a university, allowing you to save.Who qualifies for an Apple education discount?To qualify for the student discount, you'll need to prove that you're enrolled at an eligible university or college.By the way, this also goes for the parents shopping for students.The savings on the iPad in prezzo witham voucher the US Education Store are quite small at up.If youre one of those people, you can get Apples new iPad for 309, instead of the 329 list price.
Specific programs for academic institutions, keep in mind that when working for an academic institution, there might already be a purchasing program in place that is specific to your institution and perhaps even offers better terms than the academic pricing for individuals as seen.
There are no discounts on the iPhone, Apple TV or Apple Watch.

You'll get a free pair of Beats headphones with any qualifying Mac or iPad purchase, so now's a great time to buy.This is a mistake because Apple throws the education net quite wide, and chances are you can easily pick up a Mac from the education store and get the discount.You'll be required to prove your identity, then you're away!If you think you qualify for an education discount then you should pay a visit.For instance, in the UK you need to verify your student or staff status with UNidays, a program that annually pings the registered email to confirm they are still an active student.If you're a student and signing up for Apple Music on your iPhone or iPad, tap where it says 'Are you a University Student?' and you'll be directed to a verification system - if your college or university is eligible you'll get the reduced subscription.Faculty and staff of all grade levels.If youre a K-12 teacher, Im sure you have something equivalent.The staff there will guide you through the process.
But there are identical schemes in Ireland, the US, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Denmark, each offering half off the usual price.
Its fairly easy to prove if youre in college, or work for a college: you probably have a student ID and / or a college email address.

From there, you'll instantly get up to 200 off, depending on what Mac you get.
Shopping at the Apple Store for Education is much like shopping at the regular Apple store but with different pricing.