I use regular masking tape.
If youre getting vignetting I suggest a lens hood or moving the lens more into the box.
Materials Needed:.) A Box, it could be any size you want as long as you can light it!
If youre like me, you dont want to spend money if you can do it yourself and yield the same results.When your done you will see your border, connect the points using your straight edge to where you should have a nice looking square/rectangle in the middle of the box with a 2 border around.Stay inspired, keep making.This page is for members.Avoid creasing as it will show up in your photo.Make sure the side with marker goes against the cardboard so it can not be seen.In my box I used white muslin fabric that is found at your local arts and craft store.Reason being is that In-case you want to try out different fabrics.Note : while this is a great DIY tutorial that thousands of our readers have used Amazon has many inexpensive Light Tents here that will get you some great results.This again could be any type.A welcome gift of 700 Starcoins, join Stardoll, already member?No way I am going to spend 100 on some fabric and 3 lights when the material costs far less.Leave the top and bottom of the box alone as you will not need to mark.

Halloween, adafruit's scramble discount code HalloWing, an MCU Optimized for Halloween Projects.I went to my local hardware store and picked up some Daylight Bulbs.Your changes have been saved.A hair accessory has never looked so sweet.You will also be receiving the weekly Make: Newsletter to keep you inspired with new projects and more product reviews.In my opinion lighting is the most important part of this box.

If you dont I suggest getting a Clamp On Work Light.
This Halloween craft is simply meant.
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