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Tonight: A discussion of winning strategies in foreclosure defense litigation.This initiates a legal action against the assessment department requiring you to be prepared to appear at a court hearing to defend your claim.Through this exciting one-day training program, attendees will learn from experienced Fisher Phillips operatives, Todd.The Objective: Should you choose to accept this mission, you will have opportunities to work collaboratively with others in many hands on activities emphasizing how to use the grievance meeting for arbitration preparation, evaluating what documents are valuable, and deciphering rules of just cause and contract interpretation.These top secrets are designed for HR Labor Relations professionals.National Academy of Arbitrators member, Howell Lankford, and American Arbitration Association discount tire cypress Regional Vice President, John English will also offer their expertise and useful tips on how to best prepare for the grievance arbitration process.We have skilled and experienced attorneys that will work to make sure you win, if your property tax grievance end up in court.Program to start at 8:30.m.
But, if you have prepared your case well, your confidence in the process will allow you to crack the code and achieve your objectives.

for registration and breakfast.Lunch and materials will be provided.If you are turned down at the first level, you would need to file a second set of paperwork appealing the decision.Turning surprises against the Plaintiff or beneficiary and revealing the boarding process for what it is a sham.Click in to tune.The Rendezvous Point: Participants in the seminar will meet at the safe house, located at the Olympic Club 524 Post Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 at 8:00.m. .At the hearing you will be opposed by the professionals sent by the Assessment Department to defend their assessment.Lyon and Warren Nelson on how to analyze, respond, and prepare grievances in order to prevail at arbitration.

Seminar, cost: 65 per person, please rsvp no later than August.
Past Event: Wednesday, August 17, 2016 at 8:00pm - 4:30pm Venue: Olympic Club, San Francisco Venue Address: 524 Post Street San Francisco CA, 94102.