if i gift money is it taxable

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While it is generally less than the market rate of interest would be for a commercial or personal loan, you will end up paying back more than you borrow, or the dividend that you might otherwise receive (in the case of a mutual company) may.Also Read: How to file Income Tax Return Online in few minutes?9) I am transferring immovable property to my own brother, would it attract gift tax?It can be in the form of cash or cheque receipts, movable property (like vehicle, securities, jewellery, antiques, paintings, sculptors etc.F) shangri la discount Immovable property as gift with consideration.or immovable property (like land, building, house or flat).Also Read: How to claim last minute deductions / claims during ITR filing?What is a Gift?You have to be carefull not to take out too much in a loan or it will implode the policy.This is what's known as an "undeniable ascension to wealth" and is a taxable event.If you are giving any gift to your relatives (who do not fall under the definition you need not pay any income tax.C) Movable property as gift without consideration.Only your aunt falls under relative definition.Parents give gift to Son or Daughter.Your lineal descendants, lineal descendants of your spouse, apart from these relatives, any gifts received from any other relative of the value of more than.50,000 in a year is taxable as income in the hands of receiver.
If you gift any amount to your parents, it does not attract gift tax for them.
4) When an NRI parent, child or relative transfer cash or property as gift, it is not taxable in the hands of the resident recipient.

Any sum received from local authorities or dignitaries in recognition or appreciation of notable deed.Such gifts could be food coupons, gift vouchers, Award money etc., Any amount exceeding Rs 5,000 in a financial year would be taxable, else it is tax free.If any asset or money received as a gift is above.Any gifts received during marriage or later point of time are tax free as they fall under relative definition.15) What precautions should be taken to ensure that gifts received from relative definition are adhered as per salt lab magnesium oil promo code Income Tax Law?The information on this page is meant to provide a general overview of the law.
Taxable gifts generate a Gift Tax.

50,000 or below in a year, it is considered as tax-free gift.