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The rate should be at least 100 compressions per minute.
Press the Shock button.
Check to see if the victim is breathing by looking at their chest.AED use on a child: Same steps as above except use child CPR pads.Repeat until object comes out or victim becomes unconscious.Tap the child and shout Are you okay?Here is a way you can study before major lazer coupon code your upcoming class or to review your skills after the course.Attach the AED pads to the victims bare chest.AED use on an infant: A manual defibrillator is preferred to an AED.How to use an AED on an adult.If they are not breathing, or not breathing normally (only gasping call 911.Check the brachial pulse on the upper arm closest to you for 5-10 seconds.If no pulse, begin 30 chest compressions on the lower half of the breastbone with one or two hands.
Check to see if the baby is breathing by looking at their chest.
If victim becomes unconscious, perform CPR Choking Infant.

Deliver 5 back slaps between the infants shoulder blades using the heel of your hand.Give one breath every 6-8 seconds and there should be no pause in chest compressions for delivery of breaths.If the AED advises a shock, clear the victim.Check to see if the child is breathing by looking at their chest.Hold the infant facedown, resting on your forearm.Note for infants and children: If the pulse is less than 60 beats per minute with signs of poor perfusion, start CPR.Home, health Services, cpr, american Aed Cpr Association Coupons.October 21, 2018 - Coupon of the Day.Tap the baby and shout Are you okay?