This is heavy duty shit, the real McCoy, the uncompromising Spice King of fragrances.
Mostly spices come in the middle.
Which he by the way, never will.
There have been threads on Fragrantica why the same frag smells totally differnt to various people.There is still some humour left in the old lady L'Oreal.No, it is not an unwearable gimmick like 'Sécrétions Magnifiques'.The amber is the anchor point for the middle and top that keeps all the notes longer on the skin and makes fusing and interaction more easy and frequent.Like the contrasts in 'Alien to the hilt, but still very wearable.I am not crazy about all other Kenzo's, with exception of '5.40 pm in Madagascar but 'L'Elephant' is an ace of an fragrance.
That's why good fragrances can trigger memories, but can also smell totally different to people.
Tastes vary luckily, interpretations of the same fragrance also.

Contrasts married to perfection.Find a huge selection of scents including those from leading names like chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier and Boss.It alexa prize finalists is a true perfume, and a great one.These contrasts are played out to the max.It is deep dark, sweet, bitter, spicy.A blank canvas of good quality to let the colors of middle and top create magnificent sparkles, let hem shine and create fiery fireworks on this undisturbable solid base.Only 85, viktor Rolf Flowerbomb Christmas Gift Set.Licorice-orange, licorice with the spices, mango with cardamon-cloves, 'dirty' caraway with fruity mango, 'dirty' caraway with the textbook 'civilised' floral ylang ylang, against mango-ylang ylang-heliotrope-orange, the interactions are endless and intensive and inventive, which results in a vivid, living, constantly evolving frag on the skin.Such is life, huh?

Back to the fragrance.
The mystery, mysticism and spices of street foodstalls in the East captured all in one bottle.