We think its better to have vague standards.
Theyll go to great lengths to find a mental justification, even if it defies all logic and intuition.
Please access links at the end of this blog. .Burks has gone on record saying he will settle the secs case without admitting any wrongdoing and has offered to pay a 4 million penalty.Im relieved because this should mark the end for companies having to defend themselves from Zeek.During the last few days, weve consulted numerous professionals, including a renowned class action attorney, a ponzi scheme specialist, and a bankruptcy and receivership attorney, regarding development of a strategy to seek recovery of your investment in Zeek Rewards. Will criminal charges follow?History was sentenced Monday to almost 15 years in prison and ordered to repay 244 million to his victims.You may view the North Carolina Department of Justice web site here.While the receiver has published a website, it will likely only include court filings and occasional updates. People, when they were pitching the program as an investment opportunity, were just following their instincts.I understand that there are countervailing arguments, but the bottom line is simple: Zeek fought kenzo gift set boots hard to train people to NOT call it an investment opportunity because thats exactly what it looked like.We are humbled by your responses to our online form, and we sincerely appreciate the trust that you have placed.M is the parent company of Rex Venture Group owned and operated by Paul Burks who has been charged with enticing over a million investors into his Ponzi scheme since its inception in early 2011. .With this in mind, weve created the Zeek Recovery site, which can be a trusted resource to assist you during your journey through the receivership process.The same applies to cryptocurrency MLMs.The Secret Service will not comment on the investigation.
Money Clouds Judgment, when people have a serious economic position with something, theyll fight hard to protect.

Otherwise, this will happen again.So, within ridley township municipal building discount tickets the span of a couple of years, Bitcoin has literally exploded onto the scene and become a household word.Secret Service Involved In Zeek Rewards Investigation.The victims are uneducated and faceless, which makes their work that much easier.All company names are under trademark of their respective owners.It may take 6 to 8 month or more for your portion of the fund to be sent to you. .Every Zeek Rewards Affiliate needs to listen to the conference call that was aired today, Saturday, August 25th.Link to receivers website: m/ Hi Dale, Paul Burks Founder and CEO ZeekRewards video!Its official that the North Carolinas Attorney General is not the only government agency investigating Zeek Rewards and Zeekler.
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