maplestory monster collection rewards

To add monsters to Monster Collection, players hunt the specific monster until it is added, or use the extremely rare Monsterbloom item to randomly register a peptide sciences coupon code monster (there are a few Monsterblooms that register a specific monster, obtainable by completing certain rows in the Collection).
1 Chest for attacking the Boss for 1 damage or higher regardless of level (individual drop) 1 Chest for dealing the most damage or spawning the elite boss (only Characters from 39 levels below the Boss till 29 levels above the Boss can obtain this.
Seductive Seduce players for 10 seconds.Maximum level: Utgard (Level 140) Armor (shield Atmors suited for the monster level range with Rare to Unique potentials.Monster Collection is a new form of collecting introduced recently in MapleStory.Poisonous Poisons players for a certain amount of damage for 10 seconds.You can obtain up till 30 bubbles per bonus stage.Players cannot use skill during debuff.When a row of monsters is completed, the player can send the collection out on an Expedition under the Exploration tab, where players can send a row of collections out on an expedition for some set time to obtain rewards such as Reward Points, Trait.Contents, elite Monsters edit, elite monsters are monsters which are 2 times the size of the normal monsters.Another prefix list: Evasion, Dark, Chaotic, Seal Master, Poisonous, Potion Hater.Powerful Monster's final damage dealt towards players 100.Effect kicks in when monster enters the aura and is removed when the monster moves out of the aura / aura disappears.Golden Hammer 50 Master Craftsman Cube (Occult Cube in msea) For higher levelled Elite Monsters above Level 110, it can even drop the following precious items at a low chance.In, section 3: Tips, the following points are made: - Using a Zero can make it easier to register certain bosses, as they spawn at the end of Mirror World dungeons which you can do as many times as you'd like, rather than free spawning.Elite monsters spawned will be the same as the Monster Average Level regardless of their actual level.
Note: lower level monsters have a higher chance of being added than higher level monsters, and certain monsters require their Elite monster version to be counted.
Potion Hater Players cannot drink potions for 10 seconds.

In, section 5, monsters are listed by sets, and each set have some miscellaneous notes about the monsters in the set.Monster Collection works, I think, on a same appearance/same name basis.EXP and meso drops, yellow 30x 15x, orange 45x.5x, red 60x 30x.The Elite Bosses have additional skills than the Elite Monsters.The exists data for Monster Collection within the Wz files, but I'm not currently in a position where I'd be able to go through it, figure out the structure, or process it into some meaningful way."The dark energy is still here.Level 1 to 99, sword Colour, hP relative to monsters in the same map.Victoria Island (III victoria Island (IV sleepywood (I).Near Victoria (I tower of Oz, medals.
Bonus Stages edit The map transform into a bonus stage, giving additional rewards (though they are mostly useless) There are 3 possible stages and it gets transformed into 1 of them.
Mission progress is updated at 12:00 AM, 8:00 AM, and 4:00 PM UTC each day.

It also drops Rare Treasure Chests and initiates Bonus Stage.