In order to encourage residents and businesses to conserve energy in their homes, various rebates are currently offered for home improvements that will save energy, including upgrading heating systems and appliances to more energy-efficient models.
They are an easy and affordable way to increase heating and cooling for rooms that get poor air flow or have trouble maintaining temperature.
Requirements: Equipment must be ahri certified, use inverter technology and be a minimum.0 ton.
They can have up to eight indoor units for each outdoor unit.This application must be submitted and approval received from the citys Conservation Department before the heating upgrade begins.They are extremely quiet, making them perfect for low-noise needs like recording studios, conference rooms, or entertainment rooms.Mitsubishis mini-split systems provide home and business owners with an abundance of benefits, and we are proud to recommend them for a wide variety of uses.The indoor components save space and are easily installed on your walls, while the outdoor unit occupies minimal space outside.Today, many people are concerned about indoor air quality and how it affects the health of their family.Heating Cooling : Mitsubishi ductless mini split systems offer either heat pump or electric heat functions.Very Efficient : Ductless split systems have become increasingly more efficient since United States minimum requirements rose to 13 seer.

Certain restrictions apply, including that your home must have had its certificate of occupancy issued before January 2010 in order to qualify for applicable Daikin ductless rebates.Smaller central air conditioners and older equipment are expensive to replace and many consumers have purchased mini split air conditioners to cool areas that their existing systems cant handle.Mitsubishi mini split system for less than 1,500.00 and many cities offer tax rebates for high-efficiency air conditioners.The installation of a ductless heat pump system in your home requires minimal space and minimal disruption to your home.This is an excellent added feature for areas that require heat during the year and either do not have a furnace or the furnace isnt capable of adequately warming the area.Why keep your central air conditioner at 65 F to cool your sunroom or upper level to 75F?These systems can provide you with both heat and cooling capabilities, while using just a fraction of the electricity that a full-size central system would.Many ductwork systems lose more than 15 of the conditioned air through leaks and cracks.Unlike a traditional central air conditioning system that is expensive and requires a ton of effort to install with climate zones, a Mitsubishi mini split system allows you to create different zones for every room connected to your system.Weatherwise Service Program, the City of Port Angeles offers a rebate program known as the Weatherwise Service through its Public Works and Utilities Energy Conservation Program.
Equipment only installed in a bedroom is not eligible.
Why Choose a Daikin Ductless Heat Pump?