new job survival gift basket

I am very happy with my purchase and plan to shop with this company again in the future.
My husband is in construction, and I can never find a belt strong enough to stand up to the day to day stress he applies to his belt.
I wear it every day and travel with it frequently.
Attached is my hatchet, laptop, TV, Guitar, lime green gameboy color (the best color) my dumbells, and my garage door opener.The Adventure Pack american gifts for germans was even way better than I had hoped for.The buckle is awesome.I can honestly say I've never dealt with customer service of this caliber before.With the belt small aep washer rebate pack will get you to safety you can use it to more stable yourself for long term.All in all I am very pleased with the product.This is getting absurd.I love the Cache Belt I will be adding cash to this belt asap.I wear the belt everyday to work and on weekends- and no word from co-workers or The Boss.Regardless It is a solid idea.
Awesome work by the Wazoo crew!
Thirty Handmade Days, caramel Apple Cider Gift Basket from.

Wazoo's customer service is outstanding as well.I try to look @ the good in all things.I've been looking for a belt with hidden "compartments" for travel to store money and also camping other small tools.Thanks Wazoo for another amazing product.I looked closer, surely there had to be a scratch.Marbles: To replace the ones you will lose.Thirty Handmade Days, christmas Gift Basket from, the DIY Mommy.I could hardly tell the difference, wazoo has some strict quality control which shows they care.
I was frustrated getting really mad was about to go off in the comments on Kickstarter.

Anyways, all in all, great belt.
Back to School Emergency Kit from.