Once Nick points out that Officer Hopps is standing in newly poured how to get google gift card sidewalk concrete, Judy has no further rebuttal.
I Owe You My Life : Variation.
Humble Pie : After Bellwether is arrested at the museum, and her plans are thwarted to have the prey majority big time battery promo code of Zootopia unite against predators, she is forced to watch Gazelle's concert while sulking as her predator inmates enjoy the performance.This also applies to the porcupine extra seen later on during Nick's Break Them by Talking speech, who has visible quills despite being fully-dressed.Adult Fear : Judy's parents are terrified by both their daughter's chosen career path and the fact that she's moving to a big city so far from home.Becomes downplayed as she is shown smiling when Judy begins to excel at her training, indicating that while it's her job to be tough and demanding, she's not heartless.Weasels are seen as deceitful.
The Cavalry : Chief Bogo and the rest of the force, show up at the Natural History Museum to catch Bellwether red-handed and prevent her from escaping.
Head Swap : The "Dancing With Gazelle" app allows anyone to put their head on the body of Gazelle's tiger dancer.

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He uses it to carry the blueberries he finds in Judy's truck, and later to bandage her leg wound.Overall it's Deconstructed as Fantastic Racism, in contrast to its typical use as a cheap characterization shortcut."Do you think I might go savage?Judy scolds Nick for pawing all over Dawn Bellwether's fluffy wool without her permission.Five-Finger Discount : Nick casually lifts a handful of blueberries from a street vendor as he and Judy walk past.It continues as she calculates the amount of his undeclared income and then shows that she recorded his boasting on how long he's been making money.It is more apparent when Nick/Judy are able to come up with their Batman Gambit.Rebuff the Amateur : When Judy is pursuing Duke Weaselton, Officer McHorn yells "leave it to the real cops" at her.Tom the Dark Lord : One of the menacing and intimidating polar bears that Nick and Judy encounter outside.Chief Bogo on the intercom when.