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You cannot get your private did uconn football win today registration back if you sold the vehicle to your insurance company as a write off, unless you stipulated that the sale did not include the registration mark.
Only the dvla hold records on the vehicle and Keeper history and due to the Data Protection Act they are unable to disclose many details, especially details concerning the previous or current Keepers.You can contact dvla enquiries.That of course is a bit fragile and requires a lot of special knowledge about your view, but a view controller is expected to have that knowledge.Just note that IBOutletCollection makes no promises on order.In the examples noted above, with the exception of loss via theft, its possible to keep your private registration if you transfer it to another vehicle or certificate first.I just use subviews to walk all the views and find my labels.Sometimes keeping track of tag is still too much of a pain, so I cheat a bit.Then you can iterate over the array.The dvla will need to hold a record of the theft for 12 months, but for no longer than 3 years.Just put your UILabel's in an NSArray.So you may need to add a tag in IB to keep track of them.You may already have acknowledgement of this (see the advice in Do I need to inform my insurers that I have a new registration mark?I especially do that when there are a lot of almost identical UI elements.In Interface Builder, you can add a bunch of elements to an IBOutletCollection, which is convenient (just drag multiple things together, like creating an IBOutlet, and it'll offer to make an IBOutletCollection).It depends on the circumstances regarding the loss of the registration mark: If your vehicle was stolen and not recovered, you may be able to get your private registration back via the dvla, but only if the vehicle was taxed, held a valid MOT test.I often sort my collection by tag in viewDidLoad.
If you build this system programmatically, you can just put them in the array to start with.

Then I sort them by y-origin and stick them in an array.If you sold your vehicle privately, with the private registration still assigned to the vehicle, then its possible the registration may become available again in the future should the current owner decide to sell.I occasionally use this technique to create a hybrid IB/programmatic interface, which lets me lay everything out in IB, but then wire everything up (actions, font selection, etc) in code.You can contact the dvla directly on for more information.You can do this online using the dvlas online system.If the vehicle was scrapped then the private registration is lost, similar to as if you had sold it to your insurance company as a write off (see above).To do this, simply complete a V317, available to download from the dvla's website and from some post offices and send this with the required fee of 80 payable to dvla.I have a switch statement which will add texts to 11 UILabels appropriately.However, its getting a bit long now and there is far too much copies of the same code.
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