ramaladni's gift drop rate

I've never been so lucky with them, though I have plenty.
Edit: had found another later in the night, going to a grand total of 5 in a single day.I dug around to find out, and the answer is that the socket this Legendary consumable provides to a weapon is not eligible for Enchanting.You can, however: Replace a natural socket on a weapon with another primary stat (like VIT or STR or INT and then use Ramaladni's after.This is effectively a free fifth primary affix and is required for any really top quality weapon but how to find the Gift in the first place?From his calculations, players can expect to find one Gift of Ramaladni approximately every 45 billion experience.Also, the item is not yet fully implemented, which means it can't be looted right now (even though it's dropping on the PTR).Further clarification noted that it was not a Seasonal Legendary and would drop for all types of characters once Patch.1 went live.Fans learned of the Ramaladni's Gift via datamining before it was officially announced, and Blizzard replied to questions about the item once it was public.

A fan on Reddit compiled a bunch of player reports on their Gift find rates, added up their Paragon levels, and came up with a rule of thumb for the drop rate.The RG would be of great benefit to use on jewelery, since.Idk what my luck was today, but I got 4 in a day.Ramalandi's Gift effectively adds a socket as the 5th primary affix to a weapon, much like enchanting without having to change/sacrifice one of the initial primary affixes.It only has a single use, and is consumed in the process.Prior to Ramaladni's Gift being added to the game, weapon sockets were considered all-but mandatory, and thus weapons without a socket were unused chocolate trading voucher code by well-geared characters.Enchant a weapon after a socket has been added using Ramaladni's Gift.
This is all with the caveat that it's still under development, and potentially subject to change: It will add a socket to an unsocketed weapon.
And some players got lucky and found one or two Gifts right away, quickly buffing their weapon and feeling fine!

This socket cannot be enchanted or re-rolled.
Tooltip from early PTR.
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