Non-glass lenses don't necessarily mean that your glasses are fake, however, unless they're obviously cheap-looking, cloudy, or poor-quality.
Next, make sure the lenses are made of real the gifted comic book glass.
These are after-products from cheap manufacturing processes and are dead giveaways that a b up bar promo code pair of "Ray-Bans" aren't what they are being billed.
13 used today, ray-Ban Men's Best Sellers.That makes gift-giving even easier when it's no hassle!If the glasses do come with a cleaning cloth, but it appears poorly-made, this can also be a sign of a fake.My glasses pass each of the tests you mention except that there was no sticker on the lenses.Real Ray-Bans are usually packaged with a small booklet that discusses the product you've purchased, contains promotional images, and more.Ray Ban models, for example, are made in China.10 3 When in doubt, purchase directly from Ray-Ban.By commissioning an item you agree to the terms and conditions.Obviously, for Ray-Ban models with very thin temple "arms like Aviators, no logo is present.Question My Ray Ban eyeglasses have "Made in China" on the arms.1 used today Ray-Ban Aviators Adult styles start at 150, while junior styles begin.It is normal, especially if you have pretty oily hair or skin; however, the printing on the glass shouldn't wear off because it's baked.Expires 01/24/2019 CDT See sale Sale Shop The @collection From Ray-Ban If its a markdown you want then youve made it to the right place.Turn them over a few times.Since Ray-Ban sunglasses are cut from a single piece of acetate and hand-polished, you shouldn't be able to feel any seams.Look up the pair on Ebay or another sales website to find what other people are selling theirs for.
At the very least, look at similar models.

If the logo itself seems poorly-made or stuck onto the side of the glasses with glue or pins, your glasses are probably not genuine.We use cookies to make wikiHow great.Question What kind of markings were used on Wayfarers before 2000?Be very skeptical of supposed Ray-Bans being sold under their market price, even if the vendor has some sort of convenient excuse for the discount.Click through and see for yourself!The hinges in the corners of the glasses should be of good-quality metal construction.In addition, real Ray-Ban booklets are thoroughly reviewed and edited before their publication.While Ray-Bans vary greatly in price depending on their make and model, they're never cheap.