So today, after being shut in for 5 days thanks to the flu that I seemed to have picked up while at PAX, I decided it might be a good idea to get some supplies since the cupboards were empty after being stuck indoors for.
She mentions that I signed a contract to get the rewards card that I wouldnt alter the number and only produce the real card to benefit from the reward.
She (and the clerk) also mentioned that I could bring my receipt in and get the difference back later.
Im pretty indifferent to these rewords programsbut they can save you some cash on sale items so it seems to be a necessary evilplus I dont like paying full retail if I can avoid.Points are valid for 30 days.Clerk: Oh no, I could lose my job if I did that.Terms and Conditions apply.Perhaps if I wasnt hungry and still a little feather river body coupon code out of it from the flu I would have argued with her but decided it wasnt worth it and told them I wasnt going to argue with them about it and simply go somewhere elseand thats.The number is right there.Recently, I stumbled across a useful and free iPhone app that Ive been meaning to review on this site.So a few weeks ago, I went to Save-On Foods which is close to home and bought a few things and asked the clerk if she could use this method for my rewards card.Cardstar says that in the event your info cant be scanned, the number is there in a large, readable font (unlike on some of the rewards card) and the clerk should be able to simply type it in, which she did.Cardstar which allows you to catalog all your retail reward cards in one little place.Redeeming points is easy!First of all, a little background.Strangely, powerlifting prize money the Safeway clerk didnt appear to lose her job when I gave her my phone number for their rewords program which she manually entered.This post is about my recent experience(s) with it at Save-On Foods, which is a local grocery store chain.More Rewards is offering a larger selection of gift cards that you can now redeem instantly in store at Save-On-Foods.
You can also redeem your points in-store at our grocery partners, like Save-On-Foods, Overwaitea Foods, PriceSmart Foods, Cooper's Foods and Urban Fare.

Save 10 per gallon for every 100 points you receive.This post is not that review.So instead of paying about 35 for what I had in my basket, Id get to pay 20-30 more now and have to remember to bring in my receipt (and real card) to get my refund.As expected, it didnt work no matter what she tried.As the post title implies, it doesnt end well.Now, save even more, earn additional rewards when you dine out, book travel and more through Fuel Rewards program participants.Me: (incredulously) Im okay with thatits not that much stuff, I just dont want to pay full price for some of these items.Me: then can you use her card?By now, the supervisor (or manager Im not sure) has come over and wants to tell me why I cant do something that Ive already done a couple of times recently.Plus, gain access to exclusive offers.
Visit your favourite Save-On-Foods store and use your More Rewards points to find the perfect gift card for you or your loved ones.
They even changed the system so I cant enter the number in manually.