the gift of love the gift of peace

The Gift of Love is a poetic writing that has its own beauty and upon further examination, it may lead one to a contemplative process, creating balance and harmony in ones everyday life.
Over time, this process can also create subtle positive change in the recipient.
And Then to Just Send.
Let us give the gift of love this year.Living for ourselves, leaving mercy on the shelf, walking by a homeless man.Does they even have a prayer?Ashes Remain - Gift Of Love - ml, salvation came to earth, let us celebrate the birth, make ourselves the offering.For a world that lives in fear.Who's holding out his empty hand.Meet the broken in the streets.Love for Others, independent of Anything, they are Expressing.When will we realize and open our eyes.May be reproduced in totality for any peaceful purpose without financial gain.Salvation came to earth, let us celebrate the birth, make ourselves the offering.

Let's forget about ourselves and take mercy off the shelf.To Them Silently and Secretly.And on Each Out-Breath, exhale Any Feeling Unlike Love.The gift that came alive to take the blame and die for our word that lives in fear.I Agree to Allow mchenry county college promo code Love, as I Know It, to Embrace My Whole Body.What's the season all about, when all we do is run around.All rights reserved The PureLight Foundation.I Agree to Feel Deeply.
Let us give the gift of love.