Turn it so that it faces the window above the stairs then stand on the pressure switch.
The statue is hidden in a small crate 2).
Turn the switches on by pressing.From the main menu, choose Extras Outfits to view novotel rewards programme all the clothes you've unlocked for Lara.You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page.This lowers the large planter hanging above the swimming pool.This might take some time because the monster will keep knocking you of the gun.Jump to the right to grab google play 5 dollar gift card the horizontal crevice.( note: The PSP and GameCube versions do not include this video, but you can watch it here on.) Controls Legend Walkthrough Main Page update history:?/?/07 - Page first posted online.Drop onto the sloping rock.Winter pink: good diy gifts for boyfriend Complete Nepal in Time Trial mode.Jump on to the pole, swing to the ledge, jump to the other statue, onto the second pole, then onto the balcony.Complete Bolivia with all silver rewards Legend, Black Complete Croft Manor with all silver rewards Legend, Blue Complete Peru with all silver rewards Legend, Pink Complete Ghana with all silver rewards Biker Complete England Biker, Red Jacket Complete England with all silver rewards Biker,.Hit it past the dummy in between the fences and for a goal.Once inside the library, look to the right to see the boarded up alcove. .From the platform where you get silver reward #8, turn so the pool is on Lara's right.
From the main menu, load your most recent save file.

Get the bronze reward (9/16) after you pass through the final gate then swim.As with the first plaque, you have to actually read it by pressing interact or it will not reveal the next step in the puzzle.Instead, go to the under the door to find a golden statue.Climb along the crevice to the right as far as you can.Along with the Cheat Codes, completing the game also unlocks the Unfortunate Mishaps video, a painful yet darkly humorous look at all the ways Lara can come to grief during the game's interactive cut scenes.Enter the Accurate Aim mode and destroy.Jump to the right to grab the crevice in the rock.A statue has arisen in the middle of the front lobby downstairs.To pick up a reward, stand over it and press Interact.Destroy the crate and pick up the statue.Take a running jump to grab the first spear.

And check out the vast array of stretchy, aqua tops on the hangers in the closet.
Use the magnetic grapple to position the movable horizontal bar near the door so the gold ball points away from the door.
This Has Always Been What It's About level" src, nepal - The Ghalali Key is the seventh level of, tomb Raider: Legend.