traditional greek easter gifts

Red is wedding shower game prizes the traditional color, a symbol of the Blood of Christ.
They just look beautiful.
Red Easter Eggs, greek Orthodox families dye their Easter eggs on Holy Thursday morning.
The big week, or as it is known worksop discount sofas in Greek 'Megali Evdomada is the week from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.The three most important things are tsoureki (Greek Easter bread koulourakia (cookies) and the red-dyed eggs.Many people participate in the quiet procession while carrying candles and the experience overall is quite solemn.Greek Easter bread called tsoureki is baked and the traditional red Easter eggs are dyed.At the start of the Sunday feast, the table is decorated abc discount moving first and foremost with a big table of eggs.Everyone carries candles with them to be lit by the priest's candle which represents the 'holy flame.' The tradition is that representatives from the Greek Orthodox church have transported to Greece a candle lit by the eternal burning flame at the Church of the holy.They look so pretty though how do you eat them?The fasting has ended, Christ has risen and now we celebrate.Greek Orthodox Easter eggs are traditionally red to symbolize the Blood of Christ.Each child usually gets new shoes along with the clothing, to be worn at the Easter Midnight Service.How do you prepare?
Saturday is the last day of lent and it is filled with preparations for the midnight meal, including a traditional soup called magiritsa.
Clothing Gifts for Children, on Holy Monday and Holy Tuesday, it is traditional to buy new outfits for grandchildren and godchildren.

As outlined by Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church, each day has its own special tasks.Its good fun; we sit there and peel them, slice them and sprinkle them with salt and pepper.The 'tsougrisma' game begins where people break each others red eggs by hitting them against each other.If you choose to fast, you go without meat or animal products.The one with the strongest egg is said the have good luck for the whole year!When you see a full moon, you know that Greek Easter is coming.The first egg is placed in the home's icon shrine, called an econostasion.At midnight, that one candle, called the Eternal Flame, is used to light everyone's paschal candle.