what happens if buffalo bills win today

The good news for the Bills is that both wild-card spots are up for grabs since no team has run away with either spot.
They didn't let what others thought about them impact their approach.
Andy Lipari and Ryan C Miller Democrat and Chronicle.Five things to know about the Miami Dolphins, the Bills' Week 15 opponent.Based on conference wins.New Orleans' biggest problem?A tie of discount books atlanta three or more teams would most likely happen if the Bills, Ravens, Titans and/or an AFC West team all tie at 9-7.The winner of that game will have the upper hand to win the division (the Bills are hoping the Chargers take rebounderz sterling coupon code the division, because the Bills beat the Chiefs head-to-head and lost to the Chargers, plus they own the Chiefs' first-round pick but it's possible.Ties of three or more teams.Those are the ingredients that made a difference.

Offensively, the Bengals are really struggling this season.He also knows what they accomplished didn't just happen on Sunday.Heres what needs to happens, step 1: Beat the Dolphins, the Bills need a win if they are going to have a chance at the postseason.The Patriots lost last week to the Dolphins, so this scenario would require the Patriots ending the year with four straight losses.That would put both teams at 9-7 with the same conference record and same record against common opponents.Tampa Bay is 31st in passing yards allowed (329.5) and 30th in overall yards (402.0).They currently hold the final playoff spot but cannot clinch a playoff berth or be eliminated from playoff contention next week.It didn't matter what team you picked to win, just pick Buffalo's opponent.Ravens tiebreaker: Baltimore would need to lose to either Indianapolis or Cincinnati to finish 9-7.
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That tiebreaker ranks tied teams by their winning percentage in games against teams they have both played, with a minimum of four games needed to apply the tiebreaker.

So if both the Bills and Ravens win out to finish 10-6, they'll be tied on conference record, but the Ravens will have the edge in common games.
The game against Jacksonville is especially important.