Take a look at Patchouli before and after the care she received to recover from malnutrition and mange (not to mention having a litter of puppies).
Cedar Hills Recreation Center.
Ordering gift cards through Indigo Rescue is a great way to help us raise money without spending any extra money!The 2017 Newsletter Is Ready to Read Read about what weve been up to and our exciting new plans to build a fantastic new Retirement Center for senior and hospice dogs.Worked on the Campaign to tax pet food and help fund Mult.I will always think of Phyllis when I think of my own commitment to animals and their welfare. .If they had four legs, she wanted to help provide them a safe life.
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Co-founded/Formed Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon in 1995; spaying and neutering more than 85,000 cats in Oregon/Washington to-date.

The photo below is Imann, who continues to need assistance.Maybe shell only be 25-30lbs for her entire life, but we can live with that as long as shes happy!Promoting spay/neuter programs and responsible pet ownership.Providing follow-up support to adopters.In particular, she worked tirelessly to improve conditions and protocol at Multnomah County Animal Services, with a goal to reduce or end euthanasia.Holt RenfrewHome DepotHome HardwareHome OutfittersHootersHot Dog on a StickHot TopicHugo BossI.(2) It is no defense to the crime defined in subsection (1) of this section that the defendant abandoned the animal at or near an animal shelter, veterinary clinic or other place of shelter if the defendant did not make reasonable arrangements for the care.Losing her has affected us deeply.Scrip is regular gift cards, but when you buy them from us, the vendors donate coupon code twenty one pilots store a percentage of the gift card value to Indigo Rescue.

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Her passion was definitely cats, but it certainly didnt end there.